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National Expectations

We always strive to write clear comprehensive reports and to provide parents with verbal summaries at Parent Consultations that inform them of their child’s achievements. We want parents to know exactly what their child is achieving, their levels of attainment and the progress they have made. This information can then support parents in supporting their child in learning and furthers the home-school partnership for the good of the child.


In September 2014, a new National Curriculum was rolled out which prescribes expected achievement and coverage by age and year group. During their time at our school, the children are required to take certain statutory ‘tests’.


At the end of Year one a ‘Phonics Screening’ determines a child’s ability to use letter sounds to read words, both real and nonsense or pseudo-words. There is a ‘pass mark’ and we are required to report to parents whether or not their child has reached the standard. At the end of Year two all children take Standard Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing and Maths. Teachers can use these to inform their ‘Teacher Judgements’ of the levels the children have reached in Reading, Writing and Maths as well as for Speaking and Listening and for the four strands of Science.


The standards and abilities of the cohorts of children we traditionally admit into Cranborne First School mean we aspire to a considerable proportion of our children attaining levels above national expectations. We are fortunate that our informed and supportive parents help us to take our children to these higher levels. For children whose starting points at the beginning of the school year are lower, we still aspire high and aim for progress that is at or beyond that expected.


The experienced staff at Cranborne First will always be committed to meeting the needs of all learners and to providing teaching that is challenging and enjoyable, stimulating and developing.