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CE First School and Nursery

Love, Learn, Fly – Do Everything in Love: 1 Corinthians 16:14


Admission Arrangements

We are a Church school and part of the Diocese of Salisbury Academy Trust (DSAT) who are the admissions authority for all the academies within the Trust. The Trust's Admissions Policy is available on the DSAT website at


An annual decision is made on the admissions policy for the school and the process is managed on the school's behalf by the Schools Admissions Team at Dorset Council. Parents wishing their children to be admitted to the school should complete the common application form online by following the link below. This is in line with the Local Authority Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. 



We do not require an additional Supplementary Information Form as all the information that matches the criteria in the Admissions Policy will be requested in the Application Form through Dorset For You.

In Year Admissions 

  • Applications for in year admission may be submitted at any time during the school year.
  • The school is part of the Dorset Council's in-year coordination scheme. Any person wishing to apply for a place at the school in-year will need to contact Dorset Council to apply online.
  • Further details in respect of in-year applications are available from the school office or from the school website.
  • Dorset Council will liaise with the school on receipt of any in-year application so that it may be processed in accordance with the school's admission arrangements.