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Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of severe weather conditions, a message about school closures will be posted on the Dorset Local Council website, and on our school website. There will also be information on local radio stations based on the Local Council website information.


We will aim to make a decision on whether school will be open between 6-7am so if you see any of these messages, please spread the word to other school families.

Wherever possible we will endeavour to keep the school open but occasionally severe weather conditions (such as heavy snow or flooding) could make it necessary to close the school.


We would make the decision to close the school if;

  • we considered the school environment to be dangerous for our children and families
  • insufficient numbers of staff were able to reach the school and provide an adequate level of care for our children
  • we considered it difficult for children or staff to journey to and return from school safely


The School Bus is often cancelled in snowy conditions because the route is very rural, so if your child uses the school bus, please check this website for the latest information.


Parents must decide themselves whether or not it is safe for the usual journey to school to be made. If they judge it is not safe or that it is unwise to travel, then they should let the school know by email if possible at – this keeps the phone lines open.