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Child Protection Policy

This information aims to help parents understand the process of protecting children and the procedures which we, as a school, have to follow.


At Cranborne First School and Nursery children’s welfare is of paramount importance. We are committed to working with parents to ensure that our pupils have a happy, safe and positive learning environment both at school and at home.


As a school we are committed to and have a legal duty to safeguard your child’s welfare. We follow the model policies and protocols outlined by the Dorset Safeguarding Policy in order to ensure the welfare of our children. All members of staff in school are trained in safeguarding children and are committed to ensuring the safety of all our pupils.


If the School is worried about a pupil’s welfare and that a child is at risk of harm, we must legally look into the matter and follow:

  1. The law
  2. Guidance from the Department for Education
  3. Local multi-agency child protection procedures