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CE First School and Nursery

Love, Learn, Fly – Do Everything in Love: 1 Corinthians 16:14

School Routines

The school day begins at 8:35am when the class doors open. We encourage the children to organise themselves and look after their belongings.  They each have a coat peg and learn where to put book bags and water bottles.  As children get used to their routines, adults try to step back to enable them to develop independence. During the first few days at school, pupils are given simple activities to help them settle into class, and say goodbye to parents. Parents are encouraged to leave as soon as possible to enable their children to settle quickly, and to minimise anxiety about parting. If your child is reluctant to part from you, remember the best thing is to leave quickly, as the children usually settle down and there are plenty of staff to assist.  Should you have concerns, please feel free to ring to find out how they are doing during the day.


  • Snack time: Children are provided with a free fruit snack in the morning. Parents and can provide their own piece of fruit if they prefer. The purchase of milk can be organised, and children under 5 receive free milk, but it must be ordered.


  • Going Home: Morning school for children attending part-time finishes at 12pm and full-time pupils finish school at 3pm. If you wish to have a chat with the teacher, please see them at the end of the morning or afternoon.


  • Lunchtimes: Each class is supervised by a teaching assistant, who supports the child in both the eating and playing parts of the lunchtime. All Children in Years R, 1 and 2 are entitled to free hot school meals, which are ordered weekly or half-termly. Some families are entitled to free school meals if they are in receipt of certain benefits; please ask the school office for further details.  If your child has a packed lunch, please send food which your child enjoys, in an easy-to-eat way, (e.g. fruit chopped/peeled), in containers/packets that your child can open.


  • First Aid: Should your child have a significant injury at school we will inform you of the first aid treatment administered via a letter.