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Nursery Meals

HC3S – Food to Flourish

HC3S is the Hampshire-based catering partner we have chosen to provide nutritious and tasty meals for your child on site in our newly refurbished kitchen. HC3S cater for many different tastes, serving a mix of British classics and foods from around the world. We know that a nutritious lunch full of fresh ingredients will help your child to succeed.


Working Together to Support your Child

HC3S teams lead the way with healthy eating activities and programmes for children and their families

  • Look out for theme days
  • Picnic options for events and educational visits
  • Interactive workshops


Fresh Food 

HC3S believe it is all about the children’s school lunch experience

  • balanced and nutritious meals
  • high quality ingredients
  • nut free
  • a non-meat option available daily
  • trialled menus
  • new dishes tested by children
  • mixture of fresh, frozen and tinned fruit and vegetables
  • handmade bread products produced on site daily
  • modernising menus alongside current trends
  • all suppliers checked by Hampshire Scientific Service to ensure premises meet required food production standards
  • all food produced by HC3S complies with the School Food Regulations 2014


Keeping it Local

HC3S work closely with local suppliers who secure products suitable for the school menu

  • free range eggs from the New Forest
  • New Forest ice cream
  • use of seasonal local vegatables
  • locally sourced meat


Eco Friendly

HC3S are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible

  • reducing waste by pre-ordering
  • purchasing energy efficient large equipment


Special Diets

The HC3S standard menu is completely nut free so there is no need to register this allergy. All other allergies must be registered and medical evidence provided (we cannot feed your child without an HC300 special diet form). HC3S can cater for dairy, soya, wheat, gluten and egg free meals. For more information call 023 8062 7730 or visit the HC3S website. Special diet menus are as close to the standard menu as possible to avoid children being ‘different’.

Further information

Nursery School meals cost £2.75, for more information on how to order please contact the school office: